The WATERBIKE® Concept

A history of water and bikes

Pedalling in the water in a private cubicle can be considered a NATURAL activity since it involves simple elements: water and movement.

The history of relaxation and well-being through water is of Italian origin, dating from ancient times. Indeed the word SPA – before it came to describe a pool of hot water equipped with massage jets sending out pressurised water mixed with air – is the abbreviation of “Sanitas Per Aqua”, or health through water, in Latin. The motto SPA was often engraved on the walls of Roman thermal baths.

A gentle approach

Italian physiotherapists seeking a functional and gentle re-education solution were behind the idea of combining the benefits of water with those of cycling. When pedalling in water, perceived effort is reduced and on a physiological level the results obtained – despite exercising two to three times less quickly – are equivalent to pedalling in air.

Archimedes’ Principle
“Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object”
In practical terms, this means that we feel lighter in water. Movements are easier and, most of all, a wider range of movements can be carried out.
The buoyant effect of water protects joints and facilitates their mobility.


Well-being, Fitness and Beauty

CInitially created for use in the field of re-education, WATERBIKE® is today making its mark in the world of well-being and beauty. Based on the Aqua biking principle, WATERBIKE® combines the advantages of the former with its own specific benefits! Today, WATERBIKE® is much more than just an aquatic bike. Inside the individual cubicle, different pieces of equipment reinforce the effectiveness and comfort of its “Well-being, Fitness and Beauty” approach.

Hydro massage
The 20 hydro massage jets – which are adjustable and directed at sensitive areas – accentuate the draining action of the water, thereby increasing the skin’s natural capacity.

Ozone mixed with water molecules is quickly absorbed by the dermis and transformed into oxygen for a beneficial effect on the body. It restores the natural power of cells weakened by an accumulation of waste and toxins.

All colours have a specific power over the mind. Blue for relaxation, red for stimulation, yellow for intellect… WATERBIKE® surrounds you with a pleasant, diffuse light in order to optimise the effects of the treatment.

The Advantages of WATERBIKE®

Minimum constraints…

Unlike Aqua biking, there are no group lessons at scheduled times… WATERBIKE® is available (by appointment) when you are! WATERBIKE® provides maximum autonomy, and you can even read and phone as you pedal. Busy city-dwellers can return to the office with hair and make-up intact…Guaranteed time-savings, so that you can pedal to your heart’s content !

…maximum hygiène !

With its tub containing water up to waist level when seated on the integrated bike – for every customer – WATERBIKE® uses approximately a third of a cubic metre of water per session.
This natural water – coming straight from the tap – is replaced after each customer and the cubicle is meticulously cleaned. This option of only using drinking water is slightly more expensive for WATERBIKE® partners than if they were to use recycled water. However this “detail” makes all the difference compared to our competitors, who often resort to using recycled water.
Indeed, recycled water – used in a closed circuit – can stagnate for several hours in the tubs prior to undergoing filtration treatment. This leads to a risk of bacteriological problems, with intestinal and dermatological repercussions…not forgetting that Legionnaire’s disease develops between 24 and 40°!
Chlorine, which is sometimes added in order to purify the water, can also be harmful above a certain dose.
WATERBIKE® partners using easily-available drinking water face none of the above problems, and there is no risk for the customer. Maximum hygiene guaranteed !
And, as an added bonus, there is the possibility of adding sea essences possessing numerous properties to increase the benefits of each session; this would not be an option with recycled water.