• 2015


    With 700 machines installed in France and abroad, an experience of over a million hours of use with almost 200,000 customers, WATERBIKE® – the world leader for individual aqua biking in private cubicles – is now making its mark as “THE” reference in the world of well-being, fitness and beauty combined with water.

    This success is linked to two inseparable factors: the unanimous satisfaction of users regarding the remarkable benefits provided by the machine on both a physical and mental level, together with the creation of an exclusive network of almost 100 WATERBIKE® centres and over 170 partner institutes.

    This reputed expertise today gives the brand the necessary recognition to reflect on the design of new, effective and fun apparatus based around well-being and water (including the WaterRUN® which was launched at the end of 2014), whilst taking care to reproduce the exemplary partner network model meticulously built up by the brand.

  • 2011

    France discovers WATERBIKE®

    This effective and comfortable model, which aims to get the greatest possible number of people fit, is now totally different from the initial version! The brand’s creativity, high standards and quest for perfection have resulted in an individual cubicle with a clean, avant-garde design whose “cocoon” aspect has immediate appeal – and all in record time.

    This private and comforting atmosphere is combined with sophisticated technology which, thanks to the highly-efficient equipment, helps to make every WATERBIKE® session a true bubble of well-being; where you can simply enjoy “looking after number one”.

    Each stage is now automated – filling the cubicle with water, emptying, securing the door, starting the jets, adjusting the power of the drive via electronic controls – for constant security and total comfort.

    It was an instant success and the WATERBIKE® concept is generating enormous interest. Unanimous approval due, of course, to the effectiveness of the harmonious and balanced synergy between the resistance exerted by the water and the muscular effort required to pedal in an aquatic environment. But that’s not all…An additional factor, understated yet ever-present, makes a subtle contribution to the success of WATERBIKE® – and that is the mind-set of a brand that constantly makes its expertise and generosity available to all those wanting to feel good in both body and mind.

  • 2010


    The start of an amazing adventure for Alain Lellouche and his teams.

    The property of Thermale Bike, a 100% French company created and managed by Alain Lellouche, the innovative and unique WATERBIKE® concept – providing individual aqua biking in private cubicles – has inspired a currently booming economy.

    This amazing success has not been down to chance, but to the hard work of this visionary businessman who has created a new market at the crossroads of the Fitness, Well-Being and Beauty worlds.

  • 2009


    It was in Italy that Alain Lellouche discovered a tub fitted out with a bicycle. This equipment was used by physiotherapists in order to provide gentle re-education for their patients. Absolutely every aspect of this empirical equipment – from filling the tub, the hydro massage jets, to emptying it – operated slowly and manually.

    As an entrepreneur well-versed in developing innovative, solid and thriving projects, he immediately envisaged essential changes so that this equipment – which was used for paramedical purposes – could be transformed into an intelligent system that would be the daily well-being and lifestyle partner of a wide public, regardless of gender or age.