Partnerships D-LAB® & Algologie®

Partnership D-LAB®

D-LAB ® is an actor selected by the most demanding institutions for the quality its formulas both natural and concentrated and to its line of ultra-specific care, benefiting from professional experience, especially coming from the sectors Sports, dietetic and anti-aging medicine..

Its philosophy? Create depth of levers to accelerate the results of external care. Day after day, the metabolism is activated and the cellular syntheses improved to deploy its capital perfectly.

Its expertise? Create exceptional quality care. Exactly are mixed the traditional virtues of phyto-ingredients carefully selected and the purest assets recent scientific discoveries, to offer highly concentrated formulas, so powerful that the results are measurable quickly.

For WATERBIKE®, D-LAB® has implemented programs that surround each individual according to his needs. Burn fat, tone muscles, cleanse the organs of elimination, drain the excess water, restore blood flow efficiently : the organization receives every day the assets that help reveal its potential for full body health and beauty perfectly controlled.

The D-LAB® products are a hyphen between each WATERBIKE® session: the body continues to be asked, even between sessions, which further improves the results.


Partnership Algologie®

To optimize your sessions, WATERBIKE ® proposes you the marine biotechnology Algologie allying pleasure and performance, by associating the benefactions of the marine treatments to those of the WATERBIKE ®!

The brand offers products and treatments in cabin formulated with marine products. At the heart soft and melting formulas Algologie products, the marine world come to the earthly world to spread his wealth within the skin cells and optimize your WATERBIKE® experience.

The benefits of the marine products: seaweeds, sea water, are indisputable. Minerals and trace elements contained in sea water are essential for our body, our essentially skin. But our body can’t manufacture them, it is thus necessary to bring them to it. Seaweeds concentrate until 50 000 times the properties of the marine environment: iodine, calcium, magnesium.

Bath thinness in seaweeds, essential oil in the multiple virtues is proposed to you in your baths WATERBIKE ® to optimize your results and get you an incomparable experiment, multiplied tenfold by the effect of the buzzards of hydro-massage. To pursue cure’s benefits at home, WATERBIKE ® also proposes you a range of additional care (Cream Scupt Fermeté, serum active thinness, refreshing frost, etc.) for visible results quickly. With all the wealth of the ocean, your body and your skin find the balance.