WaterRUN®, aqua running on a motorised treadmill

With WaterRUN®, you walk on a motorised aquatic treadmill (Aqua Running/Aqua Jogging) instead of pedalling: it’s perfect for sculpting legs of steel! In a few sessions, hamstrings and quadriceps become firmer and there is an improvement in the core abdominal and pectoral muscles.

The WaterRUN® lets you work your abs, improve endurance and strengthen deep muscles. The greater the acceleration, the greater the water resistance – making the workout more difficult and therefore more effective. All of the benefits of jogging but with weightlessness, so there is no adverse effect on the joints and – as an added bonus – excellent drainage of the lower limbs…

With fast or accelerated walking, the exercises target the entire lower body: thighs, abs and glutes. For the workout to be effective, we focus on posture. Here is the correct position: body straight, pelvis forward, shoulders down, elbows in and slightly lifted in order to prevent the pendulum effect.

Centres equipped with this new innovation can devise workouts alternating between the WATERBIKE® and the WaterRUN® within the same programme.